Content Management System Solutions

Web did came in presence in 1991 and gain more dominance in late 90’s with several websites coming into existence. The web in those times was webmaster oriented that is –

Only webmaster could create the site and edit it further and the site owner has to depend on webmaster to update any of the section on his website. So this process was continued until the emergence of dynamic websites which give the client free hand to edit / update their website on particular day / date. But still these dynamic websites though have admin interface yet its not possible to add certain  sections on the website.

Ultimately came the content management systems which has almost resolved every problem of web publisher.

Salient features of Web-based Content Management Systems :

  • Customized and automated web template
  • Easily editable content via WISIWUG (what you see is what you get)
  • Several plugins and modules integration thereby making the CMS more enhanced.
  • Proper document management and manipulation
  • Adding / updating / deleting the WebPages.
  • Complete control over the design and style part of the website.

There are several content management systems and each one do have its own functionality and importance. Here at theWebdevelopmentServices we offer full customization and authoring of several CMS like :

Custom CMS