Ecommerce Solution Provider India

Ecommerce Solution Provider IndiaSince the inception of internet almost all net users have been fascinated by the term “Ecommerce” a lot. The term being defined as “Trading through internet” has given a pave to all those merchants to merchandise their goods throughout the Globe. Now it is possible for any seller to sell his or her good in any geography without any constraint. There are ample proofs of Ecommerce success, some big giants like amazon.com, ebay.com, dell.com have generated billions of dollars in this awesome business and are thriving to expand their catalogue list day by day. Not only there are only big players who are making the money but several niche and SME’ are too generating huge revenues. According to eMarketer survey the total ecommerece transaction for 2007 in USA alone was more than 100 Billion $. (Just Imagine). Due to several success stories ecommerce has even penetrated in developing nations also and the merchants are harnessing it.

Advantages of Ecommerce :

  • Merchant could sell his product directly without pay any commission to the agent.
  • Its easy and safe to organize all the sales data online on regular basis.
  • Ecommerce offers the merchant the path to expand his business in other geographies also where he is unable to do marketing.
  • It does not require a lot of technicians or staff persons to maintain an ecommerece store. Even the merchant could manage this himself thereby reducing the extra cost of manpower.
  • It is also somewhat self automated business running 24X7X365 hence your Ecommerce store will always be available for your customers throughout.

Generally Ecommerce is associated with B2C (Business to Consumers) where any business / merchant could sell his product to the end customer / client. For eg. There is an online book store where a merchant sells his books online to the end customer through his website or consider amazon.com which is the one of the biggest platform for B2C of several products – books, electronic items, toys, softwares etc.

So whatever you business is or wherever it is located you could automate the same instantly and start earning the revenues in more orderly fashion. Here at theWebDevelopmentServices we provide customized solutions to all those business who want to start up their Ecommerce business.

In this aspect we offer two different services