Outsourcing Partners

We have several outsourcing partners situated in USA, UK and Finland and we are working in establishing relations with IT companies of several other nations both in European and Asian markets as well.

Benefits of outsourcing work to Global Connections :

  • Get your work started with the most affordable pricing. (NO ONE COULD BEAT US IN TERMS OF PRICING)
  • Skilled manpower is not an issue as we have immense pool of talented programmers in leading technologies. (NO ONE COULD BEAT US IN TERMS OF QUALITY)
  • We could provide services to your client under your brand name with non-disclosure agreement thereby not revealing our identities.
  • We could provide you FTEs, PTE’s, Time based Project etc.
  • We could even send you our professionals to your nation for deploying or implementing the application locally.
  • Also the company is its  ISO 9001:2000 process which will be completed with few months thereby giving us a standardization breakthrough.

Problems which client do expect from its outsourcing partners like us :

Affiliate partner thinks that he may lose his client if he discloses the clients information!!!
This is totally irrelevant as all the agreements is made between the company and customer and we are not associated with any of them legally.

Problem of communication!!!
No, its not. As you know that IT professionals are well English spoken persons so there is no language barriers also the communication medium like – Emails, IM’s, Skype’s, Video conference has revolutionarize the communication channels.

What if you (Global Connections) breach us and doesnot deliver the work?
Its quite a concerning issue but is now losing its importance. Before initiating any of the project we do sign up the legal agreement with all terms and conditions explained thereof. So if we do any breach of your services you are free to suit us or even cold plea for the payment you have made. Generally jurisdiction is subjected to Delhi Courts only but we could sign up the agreement with the Clients jurisdiction location.

So if you are running the IT company of any size and thinking of outsourcing feel free to mail us, we could really help you and its possible to establish the eternal and profitable business relations.