Water fall development

The waterfall model, as the name suggests is a software development process which flows in streamlined manner, very much resembling to the water fall. The process is comprised of several steps such as Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design (validation), Construction, Testing and maintenance.

The waterfall process had originated in the industries dealing with heavy construction and manufacturing. The common thing between the industries is that they all deal with configuration of chalking out mega structures ad so on. The reason of its prominence was that there were not any other processes to chalk out hardware-oriented model. Thus, the waterfall process, though not focuses on soft portion of any software, got maximal usage.

In 1970, an article with byname Winston W. Royce (1929–1995), first coined the concept of the waterfall model. It is notable that the author did not ‘waterfall’. You will be amazed to know that the author actually presented the model to display an inconsistent model. Thus, you would find the term at several places, where the authors are opining their critic or applaud over any new software or traditional software practice.


Lets have a look upon the Royce's original Waterfall model, which can be illustrated as follows:

As the term suggests, in the waterfall model, the process is executed in a streamlined manner. Let’s understand this via an example, Mr A first of all chalks out all the requirement specifications, that are embroidered in stone. After illustrating every requirements, Mr A requires to sit down and kick off designing process. The designing is carried in question form followed by a roadmap for the other developers to follow. Thus make sure that the design is streamlined for others to follow. In the final stages of the designing and developing, a different set of software is integrated to form new functionality. This actually lessens the risk of run-time errors.

Concluding, we can analyze that the model underlines that one should proceed further to other step only when the former step has been successfully concluded. However, there have been several manipulations, modifications and other forms of water models, which may abide by different procedures.    

There are several pro and anti waterfall model. Several experts believe that the software could be the best while the other may contradict. However, the basic fundamental remains providing out-of-the-box designs, suiting to ever-changing tech-savvy world.  

Water fall development