Web 2.0 & Ajax Development Solutions

Transition is the law of nature and the same applies to all modern entities including web. Web in its initial phases was static and stateless. Moreover it was not possible for any visitor to post his / her content on the website as all websites were totally webmaster driven. Although the web giants like yahoo, amazon, ebay did run their stores were database driven yet it was too not so interactive. A visitor could browse up these websites or make an account but couldn’t update or post his / her content.

So this was stated as Web 1.0, the first version of World Wide Web. But since that time the web get evolved and there were revolutionary changes in its model. Ultimately in 2004 came the term Web 2.0 (at an O’Reilly conference). The definition of web 2.0 was “User Generated and monitored sites”!.

Web 2.0 are the applications based on advanced technologies like – Ajax, XML, XHTML, RSS etc.

Currently there are number of Web 2.0 entities like :

  • Wikis – User generated community of articles like wikipedia
  • Social Networking – User generated platform like facebook, myspace and Orkut.
  • Social bookmarking – A platform where users could bookmark his URLs / RSS and access them from anywhere via web.
  • Blogs - These are the major source of updated and precise information and best suited to market a product / service via content.

At theWebdevelopmentServices we provide customized solutions to clients seeking for web 2.0 applications. Our major expertise is in social networking sites development and blogs customization.