Our Working Methodologies

We distinguishes ourselves from other IT companies in its working methodologies. As per traditional companies the project is initiated as soon as it reaches the desk of the management personnel where he transfers the same to the technical head and thus the project get propelled.

So this was considered as traditional way of doing work but due this cycle get failed and discarded due to lack of proper planning and schedule to do the work. So in the modern world each and every company IT or others follows its own principles of working methodologies.

Our working methodologies involves :

Project analysis : This involves the analytic view of the entire project via scratch, in this phase our developers / programmers do understands the clients requirements etc., which technologies to work on and what to do best to trigger up the applications according to clients work environment.

Effort Estimation : In this phase the programmer / developer provides an estimated effort sheet describing more comprehensively the efforts required to complete the project. Though this is just an approximation because the project time frame varies according to clients requirement if it changes in the middle but then also it gives a fair idea about the project completion period.This is one of the important phase because it restricts us in expanding the project time frame unnecessarily. Also effort estimation is associated with cost estimation in which we provide the client the costings for individual project according the efforts.

FSD : After getting the project we provide “Functional Specific Document” to the client explaining all the details and steps involved in developing the clients applications etc. This is sometimes optional when the client does not want any such step.

Project Initiation : This involves the initiation of project systematically along with proper client interaction in order to avoid any error.

Testing and Implementation : After completing the project, it passed our QA (Quality Assurance) Test in which our testing professionals test the application against several groundings and thus ultimately the project is deployed live.

So any project could be completed more successfully and precisely by following our working methodologies.